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Hank Player is proud to present Short Army knit hats. Short Army is comprised of two Boston(ish)-based designers and a very loud baby and an equally loud cat, and two laptops, and a huge pile of hats. You can see our selction of Short Army products here.


Your Short Army product will usually ship within five (5) to ten (10) business days after you receive an email order confirmation. This does not include the time for package transit. If an item is out of stock, we will notify you of the expected ship date.


Each Short Army product will be polybagged when shipped to protect it in transit. We will gladly ship gift orders to a third party.


Please note that discounts are not be available on Short Army products.



Hat sizes can be a tricky thing for people, so here's a word or two on sizing:


Adult/Child = One size fits most. Are you an adult, a child over the age of 3, a large-headed dog, or a teapot in need of a cozy? These are for you! It's a hat, it's stretchy, and most likely it'll fit you.


Mens = Yup, you have a big fat head. It's ok, that cranium is surly there to protect your massive brain, so style it with with pride. Maybe you just have a lot of hair, or want a little extra room for your dome to breathe? Whatever, man, it's all good! If you're looking for something that will more loosely accommodate a circumference of 26" or more (that's 66cm to our international forces) then this is the hat for you!


Baby = If you are under a year old, if you were just born, if you aren't born yet, if you're a doll, or if your head was shrunk by a voodoo curse... go ahead, this is just right for you! If none of those things apply, I strongly urge you to consider the larger size.